Privacy Policy

The information posted on the pages of apartments4you website is stored in an encrypted format. Databases of sites are stored on reliable and impermeable servers with international standards of information security, ISO / IEC 28002: 2014.

Access to all maintenance processes, server stations, databases is only trusted for Apartments4you Staffers. Maintenance of servers and databases is carried out exclusively by full-time developers and system administrators.

One of the main priorities of Apartments4you is to provide absolute security and safety of your financial assets and personal data.

1.1 The Administration takes all possible measures to maintain the security of personal information of partners.

1.2 The company’s website uses SSL encryption methods to prevent the possibility of interception of information in the process of sending them between the user and the site.

1.3 The administration of the Apartments4you project reserves the right to study the behavior of users on the company’s website using Cookies technology to improve the company’s online service. the

1.4 Personal data of users is strictly confidential information. The administration of thepartments4you project guarantees that personal information will not be shared with third parties.

2.1 All actions on the website remain anonymous until the user has registered or entered his personal account using the specified login and password during registration.

2.2. Access to the Partner’s personal account is possible by using e-mail and a unique password specified during registration.

2.3 Every Partner is obliged to indicate their own unique data for registration and cannot transfer them to third parties. If the partner transfers information to third parties,apartments4you cannot guarantee the security of personal data.

2.4 All information on the server comes in encrypted form.

2.5 None of thepartments4you employees will ever specify the “Login” and / or “Password” during cooperation, communication, through the support service or in any other way, except for the pages “Login to personal account”, “Password change” and “ Registration “.

2.6 We recommend that all Apartments4you partners keep all personal data confidential in order to avoid possible troubles with loss of access, theft of personal information or money.

2.7. We strongly recommend you to check the address of the company website in your browser. The official website of the company is 4you.Apartments. Enter your personal account (login and password) before entering personal information to make sure that you are on the official website of the company.

2.8 None of the management of thepartments4you company asks for personal data of partners to enter the accounts of electronic payment systems.

2.9 Every partner has 5 attempts to enter his personal account for the security of partner personal dashboards from hacking attempts. If you enter the username and password incorrectly 5 times, access will be blocked for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, 5 login attempts will be available again.

3.1 All received information of an individual nature is used by apartments4you and its management exclusively to improve the quality of the services provided, as well as to protect the rights and interests of the company’s partners. Also, personal data of partners may be required to confirm your identity and recovering a password from your personal account.

3.2 Apartments4you never discloses the personal information of its partners and does not transfer it to third parties.Аpartments4you has the right to refuse to give out information about its partners to representatives of authorities or other authorized institutions.

4.1 Money can be withdrawn from the partner’s balance only by submitting an application for the withdrawal of funds in your personal account.

4.2. All funds that Apartments4you receives from the sale of investment franchises may be used only for the purposes provided by the company.

4.3 Important information! Apartment4you reserves the right to make changes to this section. All changes are gaining strength from the moment of their publication on the website or in the pre-specified time.Apartments4you management notifies all partners of the company at least 24 hours in advance of any changes in the company’s activities that may affect cooperation with partners. It is recommended for partners to visit regularly the company’s website for timely information.

3.2 Apartments4you never discloses the personal information of its partners and does not transfer it to third parties. Apartments4you also has the right to refuse to provide information about its partners to affiliates or associates, government representatives or other authorized agencies.