Frequently asked questions


Go to the “Sing up” section and fill out the registration form, wait for the letter and log in.

No, multi-accounts are strictly prohibited by company rules! The technical department of the company monitors the entrance to different accounts from one PC, IP and other technical fingerprints. If we are sure that the company’s partner uses more than one account, all accounts will be blocked without the possibility of money returning.

To replenish the balance, go to the “Shop” page in your account, then select the appropriate certificate and payment period. Then a convenient payment system, indicate the appropriate amount and click on the “Refill” button. You will be redirected to the payment confirmation page of your chosen payment system. After payment is confirmed, funds are credited to your personal account.

Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum. We plan to add SWIFT and Visa / MasterCard in the future.

The minimum replenishment amount is $ 50

The commission for replenishing the balance through Perfect Money is 1.99%.

The commission for payment of funds is 1%.

All applications for payment of funds are processed manually by the financial department as quickly as possible.

To recover the password, go to the “Forgot Password”, tab on the authorization page in your personal account and enter your email address. Next, follow the instructions in the sent letter.

If you didn’t find the answer to your question, you can always contact online support on the site.


When you purchase a CERTIFICATE, you have the opportunity to pay for your staying in the Booking or Airbnb online booking system and get 20% of cashback.(The owner of the certificate can rent real estate by going to the site via an affiliate link, for example Booking or Airbnb. Real estate can be rented during the validity period for an amount not exceeding the face value of the certificate. You can get 20% of cashback after two months after payment for the living.

You can buy the “investment certificate” and receive dividends. From 3% to 7% per week.
The frequency of receiving dividends is once a week, once a month, once every three months, once a half year and once a year. The less the frequency, the higher the income.

Table 1

Frequency 7 days
(1 week.)
1 month
(4 week.)
3 months
(13 week.)
6 month
(26 week.)
12 months
(52 week.)
Every week 3% 4% 5% 6% 7%
Total profit for the year 156% 208% 260% 312% 364%
Duration of the contract 1 year (52 week.)
You have the opportunity to use the Certificate to rent a house or sell it the company in a year with minus 10% of the cost. Payments are made in equal parts, 52 times throughout the year. It is also possible to renew the certificate for another year.

You can get from 156% to 364% of net profit for the year

You can earn from 10 to 19% depending on your level. For reaching the next level, you need to increase your turnover. You earn from the network the difference between your percentage and the percentage of your partner, who is at the first level. If the personally invited partner has reached the same level as you, then you temporarily stop receiving rewards from its structure until you move to a new level and increase your percentage of earnings. Also, there is a “Gift Certificate”, which you can use to invite your friends to the platform. To activate the “Gift Certificate”, your referral needs to deposit funds into his balance, but not less than the face value of the Certificate and then the face value of the Gift Certificate will be added to his balance.

Rank Turnover $ Bonus % Invitation Certificate Quantity of Certificates
Beginner 0 0% 0 0
Assistent 50 10% 1 1
Senior assistant 500 10,50% 1 2
Consultant 2 500 11% 1 3
Senior Consultant 10 000 11,50% 1 4
Manager 50 000 12% 1 5
Senior manager 100 000 12,50% 1 6
Leader 250 000 13% 1 7
Senior Leader 500 000 13,50% 1 8
Director 750 000 14% 1 9
Director-assistant 1 000 000 14,50% 1 10
Director-consultant 2 500 000 15% 1 11
Director-leader 5 000 000 15,50% 1 12
Mentor 7 500 000 16% 1 13
Mentor-master 10 000 000 16,50% 1 14
Mentor-Leader 25 000 000 17% 1 15
Gold Mentor 50 000 000 17,50% 1 16
Master 75 000 000 18% 1 17
Lead Master 100 000 000 18,50% 1 18
Member of Board of Director 150 000 000 19% 1 19

For example, You invited your friend and handed him a “Gift Certificate” for $ 50. He activated it, putting $ 300 on his balance. After activation, he sees on the balance sheet $ 350 and can purchase any “Investment Certificate” and receive passive income from $ 350.